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Cleaning Travertine Tile

We specialize in travertine and limestone floor cleaning and restoration in the Orlando and surrounding areas. We will bring your natural stone floors and surfaces back to life with our unique cleaning process. Since travertine and limestone are similar stones, they are both cleaned in the same manner using our enclosed high pressure unit in conjunction with our slow rpm rotary machine. Our cleaning process includes both the stone tiles as well as the grout, revealing the natural beauty of the flooring, often times, better than when it was installed. Travertine and Limestone are quite porous and readily attract dirt and grime, it is imperative that you have a routine cleaning and maintenance plan in place.

Maintenance of Travertine

There are generally two types of travertine stone that are most often used in interiors: honed finish and polished finish. Hone-finish stone has a satin-smooth surface with little light reflection, while polish-finished stone has a high gloss surface that reflects light and also accentuates the color and stone markings. These type of floors are very attractive and a popular choice for new homeowners. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not aware at the time they purchase a home with natural stone floors,  how easily this type of floor can become dingy and lack their original luster because of dirt build up. Normal mopping and cleaning just won’t work when they have reached this stage. With Travertine and Limestone available in many shades, often lighter in tone such as the beige and cream colors, also known as Applestone, making them further susceptible of showing dirt, etching and stains.

Sealing Travertine

One of the most often asked questions we hear is, can stains be removed? Our cleaning system and diamond honing process often removes most stains, yet deeper stains may not be removable. Furniture scratches, etching by acidic spills (wine, tomato sauce, vinegar) can also be removed as long as they are not to deep into the stone tile. Sealing your floors with our high quality penetrating sealer lasts for several years, depending on your level of care, and will help prevent future staining and etching. Kitchens or bathrooms with limestone or travertine countertops or floors are the most at risk for staining. With proper sealing, spills will bead on top of the surface and give you enough time to clean them up to avoid staining.

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